Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Leaked Document Discloses Police Abuse By North Carolina Highway Patrol

July 12, 2011

Local Leaks has received a document that appears to come from the files of the office of the Commander of the North Carolina Highway Patrol. This document details a serious incident of abuse of power and conspiracy to violate the civil rights of at least two individuals. The document appears to be a photo copy of an authentic and confidental communication between an attorney and the Governor of North Carolina's Constituent Affairs office. The download link for the pdf is here:


Upon doing some research Local Leaks analysts found that the incident of misconduct described in this leaked document has been reported on by local jounalists:



One thing that Local Leaks investigators discovered in researching this disclosure is that just last year the Governor of North Carolina signed a new code of conduct for this police force in an attempt to curb rampant abuse and corruption. Apparently it didn't do much good.


Given the past and recent history of this rather decrepit police force, the disclosed incident is not at all difficult to believe. Here's hoping that this rather modest disclosure will encourage others in south eastern North Carolina with access to information on the North Carolina Highway Patrol or Governor to come forward and pass it to Local Leaks. Our analysis of this leak is that the document is genuine and relates an incident that in all likelyhood happened as described. It also proves that the Governor of North Carolina Beverly Perdue is aware of the problems in her police force, why doesn't she act ?  Perhaps it is because the Governor appears to owe some big favors to the North Carolina Highway Patrol:



A close analysis of this document reveals an interesting chain of custody. It is essentially a condidential report of an incident of abuse and misconduct transmitted and addressesd originally to the Governor of North Carolina, yet rather than take action and begin an investigation - she chose to forward it to the Commander of the Highway Patrol. Essentially she gave the cops (who she owes favors to) a heads up. It is the opinion of this editor that this whole thing stinks to high heaven, and again we encourage anyone especially employees of the Governor or Highway Patrol in North Carolina to disclose to us any evidence of wrongdoing they have access to.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Gateways Hospital and Mental Health Center In Massive Regulatory Violation

July 2, 2011

We have just finished the initial analysis of a disclosure of both massive regulatory violations of Gateways Hospital and Mental Health Center, as well as the accusation of patient mistreatment. Our first analysis indicates that this disclosure is from someone within the hospital organization, and that the media SERIOUSLY need to look into these accusations. The text of the disclosure is as follows:

"Gateways Hospital and Mental Health Center on 1891Effie St. Los Angeles, CA 90026 has been and currently still is in several, severe Federal, State, County, and City Violations. Some minor examples of these are numerous HIPPAA violations. Such as illegal photography of patients, discussion of patients diagnosis with other patients. Overmedicating adolescent and adult patients. Illegall, punitive, and undocumented Seclusion and Restraints. Physical abuse of adolescent and adult patients. Holding patients against there will without being on a hold. Racist and unfair treatment of it's staff. Denial of rights of patients right to make telephone calls, denial of visits, denial of patients use of there own money, reading materials, clothes, denying access to legal and medical help. Numerous Medi-Cal fraud. Unsanitary living conditions for patients.

     At one time or another Gateways Hospital and Mental Health Center has violated nearly every California Welfare and Institutions Code,  especially evert California Code of Regulations Title 9, and Title 22.

     The absolute worse violations committed by Gateways Hospital and Mental Health Center are violating the California Business and Professional Codes 4521, 4521.2 and the California Civil Code 43.

     These severe violations need to be investigated by the DMH and affected patients and there families. Many former patients have "medically" discharged in worse condition than they arrived in. Regulators/Investigators with access to patient information should look at the amount of patients who were, once again "medically" cleared for discharge who soon after commit suicide or other violent crimes."

Those parts that are emphasized were done so by Local Leaks staff to indicate the statements we believe should be immediately enquired about. We will continue to analyze this amazing discluse and post updates here.

-- Local Leaks Staff

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hackers From Anonymous "Dox" Orlando City Hall

June 28, 2011

Hackers and activists working in Operation Orlando have "doxed" members of City of Orlando government. This material was actually received by an anonymous source through our sister site http://www.hackerleaks.tk/ and was apparently gathered during their assault on the City of Orlando this morning. The material speaks for itself, these are VERY rich people that are basically crushing the rights of hungry street people.

The leaked material un-edited and in the form delivered can be found here: